Top news-reading apps for the iOS touch screen


The iPad is great for many things, but one of the best uses for me is relaxing on a Saturday and flipping through the latest news. There are plenty of basic news apps that grab all the latest headlines for you, but some offer a sleek layout that lets you browse the news using an elegant interface.

I recently reviewed Trapit for iPad, a fairly new newsreader you can train to give you the latest stories about any subject. You simply search for a keyword and Trapit makes a “Trap” of the latest news stories on that subject that you can swipe to browse or tap to view the whole story. Check out my review linked above.

There are a couple other great newsreader apps that offer similar layouts, so I decided to put them up side by side so you can choose the best one for your purposes.

This week’s iOS apps are a couple of newsreaders for perusing the latest stories on your iOS device. The first lays out all stories from several sites vertically, then lets you swipe horizontally to see the latest news stories from one site. The second is possibly one of the best newsreaders available, laying out the news and social site updates kind of like how you would read a magazine.

Pulse News for iPad (free) gives you all the news from yo… [Read more]

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