Transfer files between Android and OS X with Droid NAS

Before I bought a Macbook Air, I began to fear the hassles that could potentially come with sharing files between my other devices, particularly my Android phone. What’s the easiest way to transfer files between my two most beloved devices? Droid NAS is one elegant solution.

(Credit: Photo taken by Eddie Cho)

Droid NAS lets you send files back and forth between your Mac and Android phone. The app makes this possible via Wi-Fi and the built-in Bonjour protocol inside OS X.

Download and launch Droid NAS from your Android phone. Make sure that your Android device and your Macbook or Mac are all connected to the same Wi-Fi network. There are three basic profiles to choose from, each with different levels of security.

Once you hit “Start Server,” your phone should appear and function in Finder just like a storage drive.

The Droid NAS settings allow you to change the name of the server, choose a new Finder icon, restrict access by users, and choose which profiles to load when connected to different Wi-Fi networks. You can also change the name of the server, swap out the Finder icon, and set restrictions to prevent unauthorized access from unknown users. If you frequently connect to different Wi-Fi networks, you can also create custom profiles to use in … [Read more]


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giveaway / June 30, 2013 / Software
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