What’s going on with Firefox for Android?

A proposed design for menu options in Firefox for Android's in-progress Reader Mode, which strips away ads and browser design to emphasize the text of a lengthy article.


The new year started strong for Firefox on Android, as it relaunched with a completely new interface native to Android. Three months on, though, and it’s still not ready for prime time.

The decision came toward the end of 2011: in order to create a more seamless Firefox on Android experience, Mozilla would scrap its then-current Android browser, built in XUL, and rebuild it with native Android code. The look and basic functionality debuted on January 3, but since then the new interface has missed two ship dates on Mozilla’s six-week rapid-release cycle. So where does it stand now?

In some ways, much progress has been made. Firefox 13 Aurora for Android (download) has made some significant advances. Right out of the gate, the first developer’s release of the new interface was faster than the stable version. Less than a month later, Firefox Sync landed in the Aurora build, re-establishing Firefox’s tool for instantly sending personal data such as settings, history, bookmarks, and passwords between browsers.

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