What’s My Computer Doing?

At the end of a sweltering wedding season, many of us may be familiar with that drunken guest who falls asleep at dinner and is startled awake later, exclaiming “What’s going on? Where am I? … Where are the cookies?”

Those hazy, existential queries of the inappropriately inebriated aren’t much different than the plaintive cries of modern PC users. Amid a shifting landscape of services, processes, modules, add-ons, plug-ins, drivers, BHOs, and DLLs–new Windows and Mac users trying to learn what the operating system is actually doing as their boxes suddenly whir can often feel overwhelmed. Here are a handful of free diagnostic utilities that provide some answers to the existential PC questions of Who? What? Where? and Why?

“What’s going on?”

What’s My Computer Doing for Windows is a fairly recent add to the Download.com catalog–its no-nonsense approach and interface earn points, but some of the additional functionality stumbles. The standalone app essentially shows users in real-time what programs are actively hitting the CPU and disk. Since the processes come and go quickly, you’ll probably need to “freeze” the results, then select a program to see the available detailed information.

(Credit: Screenshot by Peter Butler)

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