Word games you may not know about for smartphones

(Credit: CNET )

Most games on my iPhone keep my interest for awhile, but then they enter a state of sitting on my home screen until I remember to revisit them. If they sit long enough, I’ll delete them knowing I can always re-download if the urge strikes me. But there is one category of games I never stop playing.

When I get a moment, I’m always catching up with word games on my iPhone. I constantly have a Scrabble (iOS|Android) game going along with both Scramble with Friends (iOS|Android) and Words with Friends (iOS|Android). When I have a little time, I’ll also play SpellTower (iOS only) as well. But what I recently realized is, with all these active word games I’m playing, I haven’t looked at what the App Store has to offer in quite some time.

This week’s apps are quality word games that you may have never played. The first lets you replace letter… [Read more]

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giveaway / October 13, 2012 / Software
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