Yosemite is now open for download

Today Apple officially opened its beta page for the upcoming OS X update, aka Yosemite. If you’re itching to try the latest revamp on your Macbook, head over to the sign-up page.

Yosemite beta test registration page.

(Credit: Apple)

Apple’s public beta invitation is a first for its flagship operating system. In the past, most beta versions of its OS X line have been open only to developers. However, with the recent move to provide operation system updates for free (starting with the current version, Mavericks), the open invitation is not surprising.

To sign up for the beta program and be one of a million lucky users to test out the latest operating system build, you’ll need an Apple ID. If you’re selected, Apple will send you a code or key to then download and install the test build on your machine. Just make sure you have Mavericks currently installed.

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