YourExtraLife adds game-like achievements to real life

YourExtraLife is part social network/experiment with a touch of video game, incorporated into one app. Recently released earlier this month on iOS, YourExtraLife is the creation of four indie developers out of Quebec, Canada. Their ambition is to create an app that can help people enjoy new experiences and emotions, and learn new skills through a variety of challenges. The end goal is to have users slowly move out of their comfort zone by trying things they otherwise might not.

After creating an account via Facebook or e-mail, you’ll see a list of five category trees: Gourmet, Nightlife, Culture, Romance, and Altruism. Pick one or as many as you want to try and let the challenges begin! The app works on a crowd-source approval system. You start with an easy challenge that the app tasks you to complete, before submitting a picture for the community’s approval. Earn some badges once your picture is declared legit and unlock new challenges.

Each category starts out with an easy assignment: Share a cause on Facebook, list five artists that you love, etc. It then gets progressively tougher. The first gourmet task asks you to take a picture of your favorite ingredients, and then they raise the bar with try some blue cheese, make some tasty guacamole, and prepare an all raw food meal. Don’t be surprised if later down the road you’ll need to star… [Read more]


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giveaway / July 14, 2013 / Software
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